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jenywilliam The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy
22/10/18 14:04:24
Your body needs as much cholesterol as it can get, this is why it manufactures some of it own essential cholesterol in the liver. When this is manufactured it is distributed throughout the body by lipoproteins, high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL). HDLs carry cholesterol from the blood system for storage in the liver, for re-use or disposal. HDLs are also known as good cholesterol.

willamprincy Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients
22/10/18 13:10:47
Imagine the rich blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sun is in your face and the sound of gentle waves provide deep relax as you sit on the beach. It's a very comforting idea, a Mediterranean paradise.

Did you know that it can be good for your health. Not just going to the Mediterranean for a vacation, but learning to eat the way people from the Mediterranean region eat. The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to be extremely beneficial in preventing heart disease.

nishishsandy fatty-liver-fix
22/10/18 12:59:54
Some of the benefits of NAD therapy are:

During the natural IV detox and brain restoration process, a person might feel less anxious, depressed and tired - the classic symptoms caused by continuous substance abuse.
NAD considerably reduces the painful withdrawal symptoms, increasing the chance of recovery and decreasing the chance of relapse.
Once complete brain restoration is achieved, NAD leads to a significant reduction in cravings for alcohol or drugs.
NAD helps an individual to restore his/her normal brain chemistry that existed before substance use.
It leads to better stress management and improved thinking process. This can help a patient develop essential coping skills.

rohinimatthew Clave Diabetes
22/10/18 12:59:02

Sugar in the urine is an effect of "filtration overflow". When the sugar in the blood exceeds the kidney's capacity to filter it, the sugar overflows into the urine. So in kidneys with high filtering capacity, the urine sugar may be negative in spite of a very high blood sugar. Are you going to wait for the bucket to spill before turning off the tap?When you have diabetes, your cells are not getting enough sugar because it stays in your blood stream. There is insufficient insulin to transport it to you cells. As a consequence you feel hungry all the time, even after you just ate a big meal.

nishishsandy Hypnosis-live
22/10/18 11:16:15

Muscle density is 1.06 g/ml and fat density is (about) 0.9 g/ml. So one litre of muscle would weight 1.06 kg and one litre of fat would weight 0.9 kg. In other words, muscle is about 18% dense than fat. This should not be confused with the "energy density" of muscle and fat. This is were some people think that muscle weights 3 times more then fat which is a myth. There is evidence to state that to much aerobic activity in isolation can reduce the muscle tissue of the body as muscle proteins are broken down and used as energy in aerobic exercise, so it's vital to have a balance programme with cardiovascular, resistance, core and flexibility exercises. If your really serious about changing your life I would advise you seek a fitness test and evaluation from your local fitness instructor or personal trainer where all this can be done for you.

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